Always do your homework – No Deposit does not normally mean you are better of – compare different brands, ensure you will be in a position to sell your new vehicle when something happens. VIP – understand the terms and conditions of the finance contract – the Top Banks I.E. Wesbank is there to assist you with the best deal possible – And they will, for a Bank I.E Wesbank wants to build a long-term relationship with their clients and so do their approved dealer.

Sometimes it’s not a bad decision to wait that extra month to save for a deposit -, negotiate your interest rate and most important – speak to a professional when it comes to insuring your vehicle. OUTsurance – probably one of the best experiences I’ve had the past couple of months – not only ’cause of their cashback campaign but the level of professionalism at their call-centers – unbelievable– and the same with Wesbank and FNB, Yes there is an array of other service providers probably just as good or even better – but my experience was seamless and professional.

Back to buying your new Vehicle – times have changed and a salesperson should know its product 110% – if you feel that you are not receiving the service you should – ask for a manager. You are entitled to a full and detailed explanation from start to finish. And remember – Ask Questions about Aftersales and service and hidden costs. Don’t be intimidated by the arrogance of a salesperson.

At the end of the day Buying a vehicle can be a pleasant experience or a nightmare -but- it’s up to you to do your homework, do not over-extend yourself and read the fine print.

Buy right the First Time